5 Ancient Games That Can Fill Your Quarantine Time, Any Your Favorite?

5 Ancient Games That Can Fill Your Quarantine Time, Any Your Favorite?

Are you getting tired of the online games you are playing? Or are you annoyed by the ugly Internet network and interrupting your actions while playing? To put it bluntly, the following is a list of old games that were no less exciting and didn’t need an Internet network!

Ancient Games

5 Ancient Games That Can Fill Your Quarantine Time, Any Your Favorite?

1. Cake Mania – 2006

ole-released game Sandlot Games is one of the favorite games of the past. At this game, we play the role of Jill and are asked to run the grandfather’s cake shop.

On the first day, we will be instructed how to play. Each level there is a certain amount of money that is the target of achievement. That money can also be used to develop Jill’s cake shop. Besides making cake with customer requests, we also have to fight with time to survive!

2. Dinner Dash – 2004

Gee, this could also be say everyone’s favorite! This game owned by Play First is one of the most downloaded games of all time. At this game, told someone whose name Flo already be elated with his work in the office. He decided to quit his job and open a restaurant.

We as Flo, the role of being a restaurant waiter. We should make customers happy with our perseverance and oversleeping. The higher the level, the more emotional the visitors feel, yes! Who likes angry tempered in front of the PC screen because of the chef whose cooking is long enough? I am. I was.

3. Virtua Cop – 1995

Virtua Cop! This Game constitutes a light gun arcade game developed by SEGA. We as police officers are asked to fire on all enemies and protect citizens. At this game the most remembered is the sound of “Reload! Reload!” when our bullets are up. The incoming enemy made us increasingly challenged. Maybe someone wants to be a cop because of this game?

4. Feeding Frenzy – 2004

Who doesn’t know ready Feeding Frenzy? The game depicts a food chain where larger fish can eat smaller fish. At each level, there are three levels that we need to go through by eating other fish and avoiding bigger fish.

The game is light and simple but often irritates too. Especially when it’s almost up we’re eaten by bigger fish. His impression is beyond help! Most remembered at this game are mermaids who pass by at each end of the game while giving starfish! If you paling remember what?

5. Sally’s Salon – 2007

Sally’s Salon is a game that was released by Games Cafe. We as Sally will run our own salon. We can choose various pieces and hair colors so that the game feels unique and different. In fact, this salon of ours also provides another service of manicure-pedicure and reflection massage.

The target of this game is reach a different amount of money on each level. In order to achieve the target, we need to deal with the crowded customers arriving so that we need to quickly serve them so that they don’t go home because of the annoyance of waiting.

Final Words

It’s been a while, huh? Is it getting old yet? Let’s download and play those games again! Show me what you got!

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