5 Android Short Novel Visual Game Guaranteed to Make Cool Heart!

5 Android Short Novel Visual Game Guaranteed to Make Cool Heart!

Currently the gaming world is being heralded with novel visual games. For those of you who don’t know yet, novel visual games are games that tell a story. The plot of those stories is determined by the choices we make during playing those games. Usually, there will be several different ending stories such as happy, sad, and even hidden ending depending on the choices we chose before.

Most novel visual games have considerable playing time, it can even be up to days. This time the novel visual game we will recommend is a short novel visual game that can be completed in just a few hours.

Android Short Novel Visual Game

5 Android Short Novel Visual Game Guaranteed to Make Cool Heart!

1. A Tavern For Tea

The game blends elemental visual novels and simulations make tea unique and adorable. Tell me about people who come to tea shops to just forget about the problems they face.

With the y story path lightweight and combined with the simulation of making tea, you won’t be bored with this one, eh!

2. A Hero and A Garden

Derived from developer the same game as the previous game, it also has a blend of novel visual elements and garden-treating simulations. The story in the game is quite unique because it tells about a hero who wanted to save a daughter yet such efforts failed.

Finally he chose just do the gardening. This game is perfect, for filling up your free time.

3. Magical Witch Bell

Still from developer the same game as the two games above, it is arguably simpler because it does not have any simulation elements in it. Tell me about the human world and a witch named Bell, it was like watching a Harry Potter movie only.

If you’re looking for a game that you can play without any burden of mind, this one game is perfect for you.

4. Normal Me and Abnormal Friends

Coming from game developers who are different, this one game raises a friendship-themed story and takes the background of school life. These games have more complex storylines and options compared to the above games.

However, the story inside the game is guaranteed makes you moved and touched. Come on, who misses school, playin’ this game!

5. Lilac and Her Light

This one’s game has a mean unique between novel visuals and adventures like vintage Pokemon games that exist on Nintendo. Although it’s vintage and uninteresting, it actually has a very touching story and can make you think about the meaning of the story for a few days, you know!


There it is 5 recommendation game visual short novel that is perfect for filling your free time while also making you more relaxed. Yuk, direct download on Google Play!

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