5 Products Nintendo Had Time to Sell Before Success with Video Games

5 Products Nintendo Had Time to Sell Before Success with Video Games

If hearing Nintendo’s name, what comes to mind? Video games? Of course I am. This Japanese brand headquartered in Kyoto is indeed famous as a video game company. One of his popular video games is unfettered by time and perhaps you’ve played is Super Mario Bros.

Well, but you know, long before it was known as a successful video game company, Nintendo had several times to change its sales products. Some even sound strange and far from his current corporate image. It was done as an effort to find a suitable market for business. Wondering anything, streamlining the Listverse, here are five of them.

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5 Products Nintendo Had Time to Sell Before Success with Video Games

1. Remi cards, Nintendo Playing Cards

Who would have thought the company that is now in business? past those adorable nan video game characters once produced and sold remi cards. There is nothing surprising about Nintendo’s rummy cards other than their biggest customers. It was known in those days that Nintendo became a remi-card supplier for illegal casinos run by yakuza. Yup, that yakuza has that creepy image.

Though aware its customers are running illegal business, Nintendo never hides hands. Remi cards for illegal casinos still include the company’s brand, and the word “Nintendo” was even figurative for gambling. Another for yakuza, Nintendo’s name is associated with the concept of chivalry.

Even though it only manufactures remi cards, Nintendo is actually quite successful. They were once the largest card company in Japan, and are reportedly still selling their old remi cards to this day.

2. Instant rice

After dithering success with business Remi card, Nintendo founder, Fusajiro Yamauchi intends to develop the company’s wings. A reasonable move within the business world. However, the idea that popped into his head at the time seemed very random, because after that Nintendo sold instant rice.

The idea of producing instant rice came up in mind Yamauchi after paying attention to the high consumption of instant noodles in Japan, and thinking can get the same welcome as instant rice. As a result, it was packed with Nintendo-style dried rice in a bowl pack and marketed through a grocery store.

Think Yamauchi is, if people want buying instant noodles, imagine how many would buy instant rice. This hypothesis is based on the fact that rice is the staple food of the Japanese people. As you can guess already, Yamauchi’s hypothesis is wrong. Nintendo suffered considerable meaningful losses along with instant rice.

3. Love testing machine, Nintendo Love Tester

Long time since instant rice, right in 1969, Nintendo tried its advantages by producing the Nintendo Love Tester, a kind of love testing machine for lovers. Not a play, this product is a sweet seller, and it became Nintendo’s first international success. At that time of year, you could easily find this love testing machine in many bars and bowling alleys.

Such machines will work when the hands of each pair grasping the metal plates on the tool, and the other hands holding each other. Additional terms, couples are asked to look at each other or talk about anything. Then the tool will detect the magnitude of love between you. Sounds interesting, yeah. However, the true thing this device detects is a heartbeat, not love.

The reason behind the creation of this tool. It’ll probably sound creepy. Its creator said the idea for the Nintendo Love Tester was born as he wondered if there was a way for women to want to have hands with him.

4. Dust suction, Nintendo Chiritori

In the late ’70s, Nintendo be a manufacturer of household appliances. One of the products is vacuum cleaner named Nintendo Chiritori. What Nintendo has to offer through these devices is actually quite interesting and visionary. Nintendo Chiritori is designed to be remotely controlled. The size is mini so it looks tempting to have.

However, in fact, Nintendo Chiritori failed to perform his duty as a vacuum cleaner. This device can barely suck anything and the storage tube is too small. Another user complaint against this tool is its very slow movement. As a result, Nintendo Chiritori did not change a children’s toy. Coincidentally in Nintendo’s sales package included eye stickers that could be attached to the tool.

5. Nintendo Ultra Hand

When viewed at a glance, Ultra Hand is like Nintendo’s desperate project. This item functions like a sean extendable toy hand fruit. It’s pure use to reach out to something. Nothing special. The target market is mager, here.

Even so, Ultra Hand is a sweet seller on the market. This desperate project even became the savior of the company, when Nintendo managed to sell a million Ultra Hand just at a time when their stock skyrocketed toward bankruptcy. Sugoii!

One thing is more shocking than the success of Ultra Hand, the inventor was a janitor named Gunpei Yokoi He made a prototype of Ultra Hand in his spare time, and offered the idea to the CEO of the company. Who knows, the idea is accepted and as you already know, the product is a success.

The success of Yokoi’s say this company made him a standout. After Ultra Hand, Nintendo made a policy to give the green light to every idea proposed by Yokoi. A non-excessive policy. Why ask you? Because of the idea of Nintendo’s first video game system which is Game & Watch, and Nintendo Game Boy is Yokoi’s proposal after Ultra Hand.

So, it can be concluded without a person janitor and idea Ultra Hand, Nintendo could be you have to change sales items without ever producing video games. From the beginning of their products never really grazed into video games.

Final Words

Well, which of the five Nintendo products top that you think is pretty awesome?

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