5 Reasons Your Call of Duty Mobile Is Worth Playing

5 Reasons Your Call of Duty Mobile Is Worth Playing

The game’s development results are Activision and Garena’s release in Indonesia on 19 October 2019. In its launch, the game was welcomed by lovers of FPS games and battle royal in the homeland.

The number of new features the game presents so it’s worth playing with. There’s no need to be any longer, here are five reasons Call of Duty Mobile deserves you to play!

Duty Mobile Is Worth Playing

5 Reasons Your Call of Duty Mobile Is Worth Playing

1. There is freedom to assemble weapons as you wish

For those who have already played Ghost Recon series, definitely the gun raft ode is familiar. Call of Duty Mobile now comes in the same mode to indulge its users.

This fashion is very interesting. We can choose the parts of the weapon which we need so that we can play with a comfortable weapon. So, for mobile class games, COD is worth thumbing around.

2. Complete package of game modes that will spoil the players

Call of Duty Mobile not only presents battle royal mode, but a complete multiplayer mode. For those of you who miss Point Blank, Call of Duty Mobile can at least treat your longing.

The main factor of Call of Duty Mobile’s multiplayer mode excellence is successful Call of Duty Mobile builds collaboration with renowned game developer company Activision.

3. Charming graphics for mobile gaming class

In the 2000s, we had a chance to imagine mobile games that the graphics are almost equivalent to PC games. Call of Duty Mobile now comes to realize the dreams of game lovers around the world.

Most of us play a game because the graphics are captivating aside from his interesting storyline. Sure, this side is what’s worth more for Call of Duty Mobile games.

4. Varying fight and skin maps add to the excitement of Call of Duty Mobile

Playing games on that map-that alone must be very boring. It’s definitely not will happen when you play Call of Duty Mobile.

You can play Call of Duty Mobile with your friends on different maps. In addition, the game also presents some skins that are guaranteed to make you unsaturated when playing them.

5. Suitable for those who like war genre comics

There is a unique fashion in Call of Duty Mobile games, which is comic mode every season. When you tired of playing games, you can rest while reading comics inside Call of Duty Mobile games.

So, this is a complete package for gamers and war comic lovers. So, is it ready You fight and make your story at Call of Duty Mobile?


Agree or disagree, the rapid development of technology is increasingly indulging its users. The above games are part of the result of the rapid development of technology that deserves our appreciation mate!

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