5 Unique Facts of Among Us Online Games You Should Know

5 Unique Facts of Among Us Online Games You Should Know

The online game of a kind of werewolf game that is again viral today is Among Us.

This game is telling about the journey of 10 crewmen who are stuck with 1 until 3 traitors or murderers who are given the nickname impostor.

Among Us became a boom after renowned YouTuber Pewdiepie played the game. In this game, there are 4—10 players each assigned assignment during the game. In addition to having to complete tasks, they also have to be alert with the existence of impostors that are around them.

Curious about Among Us games? Check out the five unique facts below first!

Facts of Among Us Online Games

5 Unique Facts of Among Us Online Games You Should Know

1. Played by YouTuber PewDiePie

From the beginning of this game’s emergence, no so many gamers are interested in playing it. Since Pewdiepie played the game, however, more and more people have been curious to try it.

Begins with live streaming that it Imagine that a few days ago, a lot of people followed in his footsteps to play this game.

2. Map in Among Us game

There are some maps inside this game, one of them is The Skeld. The map depicts the atmosphere of the spacecraft with the cafeteria as the main room used to discuss searching for the impostor.

There are two other maps that you should try. Of course you must master the duties therein. That’s because each of the maps has different tasks and spaces from each other.

3. Play as an aircraft crew (crewmate)

while playing the role of a pestilence crewmate, you have to understand the tasks. To find out where to position the task to work, you can open the map on the right side of the screen.

However, wait a minute, your job is not just that looks on the task menu and map only. You too must find out who the impostor is before he kills the entire crew of the plane, including you.

4. Play as a ghost (ghost)

While killed or wasted from plane, you can still play. You’re still being given the obligation to complete your flight crew duties. You can also view and explore the contents of the aircraft without being seen by other surviving players.

With this freedom, you can accomplish tasks quickly. But honey, you can’t discuss, even tell the surviving crew who the real impostor is.

5. Playing as an impostor

This is the most exciting role frantic. In this role, you are assigned to kill the entire crew without being caught until the end of the game. During the course of your job as an impactor, you’re equipped with the ability to sabotage things, such as turning off the lights to damage an aircraft reactor for distraction.

In addition, you are also able to transport through the vents provided on the map. If on the game there are more impostors than one, one of the wasted impostors from the plane can also be a ghost that could still help the other impostors.


The game is not just about fitnah malignancy, but about tactics and good communication skills in gaining the trust of others.

If challenged to try it, the game is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices. However, you need to pay for the PC version. You can play this game with your friends in your free time. It fits perfectly in the pandemics. Have a good game!

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