5 Unique Racing Game Recommendations at Apple Arcade, There's Sonic Racing!

5 Unique Racing Game Recommendations at Apple Arcade, There’s Sonic Racing!

Apple Arcade is a game subscription service from Apple that allows you to play hundreds of quality games, including exciting race games. You will be charged a subscription fee of Rp69 thousand per month. Previously, however, you could try a free trial for a month.

For those of you who like adrenaline rush, here are some recommendations racing games at the Apple Arcade that are fun to play. Want to know what the list is? Yuk, check the list below!

Unique Racing Game Recommendations

5 Unique Racing Game Recommendations at Apple Arcade, There’s Sonic Racing!

1. Super Impossible Road

Developed game Wonderful Lasers these offer a full race of beautiful galactic flat light. Here, you will play a ball that is racing against your opponent in space. You can also do several tricks to win the game, one of which is by cutting the course.

In the game Super Impossible Road, you can drive your enemy into a vacuum. You can also do a turbo while jumping to keep yourself steady on track. The rules are simple, but guaranteed to make you addicted!

2. Speed Demons

Have you ever stepped in? Can drive as freely as possible without fear of rules and bump into various vehicles? Instead of you doing it in the real world, you’d better play the Speed Demons game!

In these Speed Demons, you could play a simulation race on a highway decorated with the solids of various vehicles. You are free to drive fast while dodging or bumping into another car for extra points. Surely this game will fit in as your adrenaline channeling medium.

3. Agent Intercept

Want to feel the thrill of men. So a James Bond-style spy with his cool facilities? In this Agent Intercept game, you’ll play a spy agent who has a cool car with a variety of weapons.

With this car, you dodged, hit, shot, even transformed into another vehicle to accomplish your mission. In addition to offering exciting and suspenseful action, the game also has an interesting story.

4. Warp Drive

Warp Drive exists it’s a futuristic-themed racing game. You’re going to drive a floating vehicle called QUAD ROTOR RACER. With this vehicle, you can drive over the surface of a roof, jump over a valley, even hover over a waterfall.

Besides, you can also teleport in an instant to search for various hidden paths as well as shortcuts. With its dynamic features in place, Warp Drives offer a new thrill in driving.

5. Sonic Racing

For those of you who like Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart, Apple Arcade also has Sonic Racing. Here, you can experience the fun of racing while setting traps, attacking your enemies, and picking up items to increase your strength.

In Sonic Racing, you can play with friends or multiplayer online. Again, you can form your own team and play on fifteen different circuits. Of course, this game is really fun to play in a crowded way.

Final Words

Thus five recommendation racing games at Apple Arcade. Which one do you think you like?

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