7 Best Free Multiplayer Games for RPG Genre Fans

7 Best Free Multiplayer Games for RPG Genre Fans

Roleplaying games or commonly abbreviated RPGs are one of the important types or genres of games in the video game industry. But in an ever-changing and evolved industry, there are many elements introduced to that genre to make it more accessible to all kinds of players.

One of the biggest changes or additions is the multiplayer mode that brings together many players or allows more than one player to play together. Interestingly, some of these free-to-play aliases could be played for free. Here’s 7 best free multiplayer games for an echoer genre RPG.

Best Free Multiplayer Games

7 Best Free Multiplayer Games for RPG Genre Fans

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

While Star Wars: The Old Republic wasn’t very well liked at the beginning of its release, switching to a free-to-play model helped BioWare’s games to grow and grab a lot of players. Released in 2011, The Old Republic may not be as extraordinary as Knights of the Old Republic, but it still gives an amazing RPG element.

What’s more, most of games Star Wars in the last decade focused on the shooter genre. The Old Republic suits those who want RPG games with the sci-fi theme of a famous franchise as big as Star Wars.

2. Smite

Not many MOBA genre games which can survive, yet one that might attract the attention of RPG fans is Smite. This one game is somewhat different because it switches from a top-down perspective to a third-person, allowing players to control the gods with a more effect display.

It carries many ac mechanism-RPG however applies it to a different gameplay mode which, surprisingly, works. If you’re curious about MOBA but like RPGs, it doesn’t hurt to peddle this one.

3. Genshin Impact

Both JRPG fans and RPGs which can be played online, Genshin Impact may be one of the games you listen to a lot. It’s become the most popular new online game of late, bringing more action and adventure instead of classic RPG-style turn-based mechanisms that tend to be slow.

One of the reasons for playing Genshin Impact is a very massive fan base and active player. In addition, the visuals of the game are also eye-popping through its own style and are available on almost any platform including mobile platforms.


Developed by Bluehole, TERA represents a type of multiplayer game for those who enjoy gameplay that the RPG genre offers. The background story of the world as well as the story of the game may be lacking when compared to its competitors.

However, this game has value another major is the fun True Action Combat system. Through that system, timing or timing becomes the main key when confronted against enemy AI. In addition, players also need another tactical move to conquer the enemy. Therefore, TERA may have a rather slow gameplay compared to the one on this list.

5. Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile repeated the instant popularity after having a chance to give free content to players who subscribe to Twitch Prime. This dark fantasy-themed RPG game packs many things to do and is an exceptional example for a dungeon crawler game with a top-down camera perspective.

Game that one also have an interesting skill tree system that is easy for RPG genre fans to enjoy in players to get an ability via gem that can be found through enemies and bosses. Well, the gem can be raised or exchanged for another gem.

6. Final Fantasy 14 Online

Final Fantasy 14 Online could be said to be the biggest multiplayer game for RPG fans. It’s amazing for a team-based game as well as a solo and gives players an RPG experience in an open world, complete with highly satisfying adventures.

The game is free until player reaches level 35 and afterwards, the player needs to pay with a monthly subscription system. Although it is not completely free, free sessions given to some level are at least long enough and give players assistance to continue or not.

7. Destiny 2

A game that Made to keep players busy, Destiny 2 comes with everything from campaign to quest that rewards players with upgraded weapons, armor, gear and other interesting items. The game may be more dominant in the direction of FPS, yet well executed platforming and melee combat elements suitably with playstyle of both MMO genre and classic RPG. Destiny 2 also has a myriad of customization options, with a wide variety of weapons and armor to open throughout the game. This is highly recommended.

Final Words

So was the review as well as free multiplayer game recommendations for RPG fans. Got any similar game recommendations?

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