7 Free Paid Android Games Due to Corona Virus, Try It!

7 Free Paid Android Games Due to Corona Virus, Try It!

Conducting self-quarantine and social distancing is indeed boring for many people. Bored and depressed are crying because we used to meet friends, coworkers, or event family before. But with the outbreak of COVID-19 due to the corona virus, we have to do all the activities at home.

To overcome the boredom of society due to these preventive effects, a number of application developers also free up their games. This is done to make users stay at home and do social distancing proper.

Wonder what games they are? Streamed from Android Authority and other sources, check out the following list!

Free Paid Android Games

7 Free Paid Android Games Due to Corona Virus, Try It!

1. Tokaido

Game adaptation the guy from this Japanese board game will take you “traveling” all over the land of sunrise. So, even if you have to be at home, you can feel the thrill of traveling to Japan with this game.

How to brandish is more or less like a monopoly, but you will be treated to a variety of Japanese varieties, such as geisha, onsen, sushi, etc. In order not to get bored, you can play it together with your friends.

2. Mini Metro

At this game, you will be asked to design a subway or subway map for a small town. Simply describe the connecting lines between each station. The more efficient the path you choose the higher the points yours.

Yet you have to be careful. The more paths are made, the higher the possibility of colliding. This game does sound simple, but once you play it you will get hooked.

3. Card Crusade

For Rp56,000, you can now get a Card Crusade for free until the discount period expires. It’s an adventure game as well as a puzzle game. As a player, you must fight the enemy to open new levels.

Getting high your level, the more items, cards, and weapons you get. All of that is necessary to fight the final boss who is hard to conquer at the last level. Are you ready?

4. Bottom of the 9th

At home make it hard for you to exercise? To cheer your heart up, try playing this game. Bottom of the 9th is a baseball game combined with dice and cards.

You have to. set up a strategy for your punch to successfully beat the opponent. This game can also be played with a friend so that he or she will treat your boredom.

5. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

The game has a design and a concept unusual. The look is a little dark indeed, but that’s what the appeal is. In this game, you will be asked to explore the mystical world.

The key to winning is just one, lies on your sword. Use the weapon to fight and solve the mystery. Although the plot is a bit slow, you’ll be hooked on this game.

6. Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG Game, Darkest Dungeon

In this game, you are asked to memaku deck cards as unique as possible, discover strange creatures, and experience various other interesting experiences in the world of Lophis. Not only that, but this game is a combination of cards games and RPGs. So you must master both areas to complete the adventure.

7. JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword

JackQuest is most expensive game is on this list. He was sold for IDR 71,000, but now you can get it for free. And yet what game is this really?

Has genre adventure, JackQuest will invite you to save a princess named Nara. But to do so, you must face a number of obstacles that are not easy. Start from the maze, puzzle, until the enemies will stop your journey.

Final Words

That’s a number of games that are now rationalize to accompany you social distancing during the outbreak of the corona virus. Remember, however, this promo is only temporary, yes. So, hurry up the Play Store check now to avoid going to leave it!

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