7 Low Budget Games That Generate Fantastic Revenue

7 Low Budget Games That Generate Fantastic Revenue

Just like movies, video games are also known as a high-income industry where a large variety of games are capable of racking up to trillions of rupiah in profits. Interestingly, those fantastic benefits can not only be achieved by games that have high development costs or that have stunning visuals alone, but also those with simple visual quality or style and low-budget manufacturing costs. Rather than curious, here are 7 low-budget games that generate fantastic revenue.

Low Budget Games

7 Low Budget Games That Generate Fantastic Revenue

1. Terraria

Before genre battle-games are as big and popular as they are today, the sandbox genre is becoming the most loved by many gamers. Of the many sandbox games released, Terraria is considered one of the best.

Streamed from Game Informer, as of March yesterday, Terraria total has sold as much as over 35 million coffees with details of 17.2 million coffees on PCs, 8.5 million coffees on consoles and 9.3 million coffees on mobile platforms. The fantastic achievement was praying Terraria to second place under Portal 2 as the best game on Steam based on gamers’ reviews.

2. Rocket League

Just need two years since it was released for Rocket League to sell as much as 10 million copies. Since then, Rocket League has continued to redouble its many advantages via microtransaction and become one of the popular eSport games out there.

The interesting, Psyonix as a developer only spent about US$2 million (Rp28 billion) in funding to develop Rocket League. Once a paid game has been played, now Rocket League can be enjoyed for free and through it, it is expected to be enjoyed can continue to achieve success in both PC and console.

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley proved that low development costs could create high profits. Simplicity represents the main key of gaming for some gamers rated similar to this Harvest Moon. At the end of 2016, less than one year since launched, Stardew Valley has had more than two million players in Steam.

Now, at the same time released for many platforms besides PCs such as iOS, Android, Xbox One and PS4, Stardew Valley is said to have earned around US$50 million in revenue (Rp719 billion). That’s an incredible record for games developed only by one people.

4. Minecraft

When talking fig regarding low-budget games with fantastic revenue, incomplete to include Minecraft which is now the best-selling game of all time. Minecraft was originally developed by only one person named Markus ‘Notch’ Persson and had a time to horrendous gaming universe for earning a lot of money for not much development cost.

Total, Minecraft has now sold as many as more than 238 million copies. In 2014, Microsoft even purchased Minecraft and its development studio, Mojang for US$2.5 billion or about Rp35 trillion.

5. Dead Cells

One year has been released, PC Gamer reports that Dead Cells has sold as much as over 1 million coffees. That’s a pretty great number for games developed at little cost and now, those roguelike-metroidvania games are said to have sold as much as 5 million copies, both on PC and console.

Dead Cells you have a simple pixel visual style but equipped with very challenging gameplay. Gamers have to repeat from scratch when their characters die, which indirectly forces gamers to learn from previous mistakes.

6. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is another Metroidvania game made at little cost, yet very popular and released on many platforms. Inspired from games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Hollow Knight is one of the hardest boss’s kind of enemies to defeat. It suits those who like with challenges.

As of February 2019, Hollow Knight has reportedly sold as much as 2.8 million copies. With two years having passed and no sign of declining popularity or players, it feels natural to call if Hollow Knight had sold as much as 5 million coffees.

7. Outlast

Outlast it’s one of the scariest horror games ever made that was Outlast. This full jump-scare game was made at low cost in the US$1 million (Rp14 billion) range alone but made a profit of at least US$64 million (Rp900 million).

Same as Stardew Valley, simplicity is the key to success of these Red Barrels arable games. The perspective of the first-person juxtaposed camera proved effective both in attracting players to play and maintaining those who have played. Horror genre fan compulsory peddling of games on this one.


That’s what it was. reviews regarding some low-budget games that generate fantastic revenue. From the above, it can be learned that it is not forever luxurious or or has superb visuals, always better and superior in income, than it is aged with low budget and visual as it is.

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