So Game Character, Agnes Monica Can Fly

So Game Character, Agnes Monica Can Fly

Agnes Monica’s popularity has been known since she was a child. After her success as a child singer, Agnes continued to develop her career in both voice and Indonesian film.

His labors didn’t just make his name soar in the real world. In an online game called Audition AyoDance. Agnes Monica became one of the long-awaited characters.

“Everyone has an idol and wants to be like their idol figure, so do Audition players Come Dance. We presented Agnes Monica’s avatar to make the fans’ dreams come true and gamers to feel the performing being borne like a superstar,” said Felix Darmoko, Brand Manager of Megaxus at Plaza Arcadia Senayan, Central Jakarta.

Game Character

So Game Character, Agnes Monica Can Fly

One of the advantages of Agnes Monica’s avatar in the game is that Agnes can dance until she flies. Surely this can only be done by the singer of Coke Bottle in a game. However, her performance will be her own attraction, especially in every performance singing her Agnes does always show attractive dances.

“One of Agnes Monica’s characters on that AyoDance Audition, she can fly,” continued Rita, a representative of Megaxus Infotech, in the same place.

Furthermore, it is hoped that with Agnes Monica’s avatar present the fans can be satisfied. In addition, Agnes Monica’s character is expected to inspire her fans who have a hobby of playing online games.

Final Words

“We feel happy and optimistic about Megaxus’ collaboration with singer Agnes Monica. With the latest avatar present, we hope to inspire and present something fresh,” concluded Eva Muliawati, CEO of PT Megaxus Infotech, who were also encountered in the same place.

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