Top 5 Internet Browser Games to Treat Work Boring, Try It!

Top 5 Internet Browser Games to Treat Work Boring, Try It!

Even though it is not as popular as it used to be, web browser games still continue to stick to gamers’ memories. In his time, web browser games became one of the best, where many people chose him to overcome the saturation.

When various console or PC games began to grow, it was there that the existence of internet browser games rather began to be forgotten. Even so, Internet browser games are not really off.

In fact, there are currently many web browser games that are complex, with the quality of gameplay that is both fun and effective to ward off boredom. Here are 7 of the best web browser games you must play.

Internet Browser Games

Top 5 Internet Browser Games to Treat Work Boring, Try It!

1. DarkOrbit: Reloaded

DarkOrbit: Reloaded or commonly known as DarkOrbit, has garnered many fans since its first release. Launched in 2006, on this game, players control the spacecraft and battle against NPC characters or other players, through multiplayer mode.

This game does not have many things are special, yet for browser games that are free-to-play and multiplayer, this is already more than awesome. If you love space-themed games and want competitive games, it’s worth your try.

2. War Brokers

For those who search games with a more traditional essence, there’s War Brokers™ traditional first-person shooter games, with everything good that’s had by the FPS genre in recent years. Although not as grand as popular FPS games such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield, War Brokers still has genre quality FPS that is half-and-half.

The game is harnessed with ripe for browser game size. From weapons, missiles to tanks, War Brokers offer the fun of the FPS genre that is commonly in larger games.

3. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush constitutes classic flash games, which have been around since 2011. It embraces the genre of tower defense with an interesting medieval background.

The player has an un mission to build a tower or building – consisting of Mage, Archer, Barrack and Artillery – to defend the “defensive point” that is being attacked. This game is fun and needs a strategy to be able to solve it well. Besides in the browser, Kingdom Rush is also available on many platform and has many sequels up to now.

4. Tequila Zombies 3

Tequila Zombies will be the incredible browser game of Russian developer IriySoft. The ultimate goal of the game is simple, where players are assigned to kill zombies and drink tequila. Tequila Zombies 2 also has gameplay like a 2D arcade side-scroller game, complete with a small life bar at the bottom.

Controlling player characters through a keyboard and use a mouse to attack zombies. There is not much interesting to be offered by this game, other than being playable free and reminiscent of the heyday of arcade machines.

5. released on in 2015 and quickly became one of the most phenomenal browser games. In addition to educating, the game is also fun with players controlling a cell depicted as being in petridish (a ceper round cloud commonly used in labs).

The player’s duty is quite simple, which is to eat other cells and be the largest among others. However, players also need to avoid bigger cells to stay afloat. is overall simple, yet addictive at the same time.


Thus That was both a review and a recommendation of the best web browser game you could play. All of the above games are free, yet need an internet connection to be able to play them.

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