Try 6 'Online' Games to Accompany You Closing Weekends

Try 6 ‘Online’ Games to Accompany You Closing Weekends

After passing the long weekend, it’s good to stay home to rest. Tomorrow Monday has started activities again as usual. But if you get tired of staying home until the weekend is over, it’s good to spend playing games. Here are some games that can be played while waiting for the weekend off to end. Check it out!

‘Online’ Games

Try 6 ‘Online’ Games to Accompany You Closing Weekends

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This text-based role-playing game is very hard. You need to dedicate yourself to finishing this game.

2. Prince of Persia Jump! Climb up! Climb up! Kill the criminal! Save the princess!

You can play this classic game free. Don’t forget to turn off the sound or wear headphones. Not just the sound of the background, the sword’s cute also makes a lot of fuss.

3. Geoguessr

It’s a guessing game Google Maps default. You will be positioned in a random location (left image) and have to guess where it is. You can use help (what language is on the signboard?) or you can answer according to your intuition. If you apply, you can play it in challenger mode against other players.

4. Magic Pen

It’s a game scratch-out physics-based and highly addictive. You should push the red ball on the screen using the shape you drew. You can add hinges or pins and remove the wrong selection if required.

5. Excit

It is toys/simple toys that become very ‘evil’ every rising level.

6. Little Alchem Very addictive!

This game challenging you to create 550 new elements of basic elements namely: water, soil, air, and fire.

Final Words

Very not recommended to play the above games other than on weekends.

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